Monday, July 7, 2014

One More Night is now Available!

One More Night is now available on Amazon, iBooks and Barnes & Noble! You can snap up a copy for $2.99 across the following sites, and on Friday the price goes up to $3.99.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Surprise!! More Julia and Clay in ONE MORE NIGHT on July 8th!

Hi there!! I am thrilled to share the exciting news that based on numerous requests from readers I have written another novel starring Julia and Clay, my most popular couple! It's a new adventure for these two in ONE MORE NIGHT, and I will be releasing this new novel in just one more week on JULY 8! You can pre-order it on iBooks for $2.99 and it will be a live release on Amazon and BN on July 8th!

Your presence is requested for another installment in the tale of Julia and Clay, two red-hot lovers. Come inside their world of passion and suspense once more for a deliciously erotic and heart-poundingly dangerous story of pearls, handcuffs, thieves, mobsters, poker and pleasure in the city of sin…

Happy endings don't come easily. They're hard-won and Clay Nichols is going to have to keep earning his …
Now living together in New York with her debt safely paid off, sexy bartender Julia Bell and hot-as-hell entertainment lawyer Clay thought their future was clear sailing.
But life doesn't work that way and the fiery lovers run into a slew of new challenges as Clay tries to put a ring on it. Trouble looms in every corner — trouble from clients, trouble with timing, and, most of all, trouble from her past returns on their trip to Vegas. A dangerous man who knows much more about Julia than he should surfaces in Sin City where they're supposed to be enjoying a weekend getaway. Following her in the casino, watching her every move at the pool, targeting her as she plays poker.

Too bad Clay is called away repeatedly, leaving Julia alone in a sprawling hotel full of dark corners, back rooms and unsavory characters. Can Clay save her from danger one more time, and then finally get down on one knee? Or will he be too late for the woman he adores?

Burn for Me Donation

Hi there! When BURN FOR ME released, I pledged to donate 10% of my proceeds from release week and pre-order sales to the National Volunteer Fire Council. I don't usually share specific sales figures but I will for this cause. BURN FOR ME sold 10,000 copies in its first week, including pre-orders. The novella was priced at 99 cents, so the total gross revenue the book generated is about $10,000. As an author working with a digital publisher and an agent on the book, I will see about $3500 of that in my royalties.

But 10% of $3500 -- $350 -- felt too small given the excitement of readers surrounding the book and the cause. So rather than donate 10% of my proceeds from the first week, I am donating 10% of the book's entire first week gross sales -- $1000 -- to the National Volunteer Fire Council, which provides support for volunteer first responders.

Thank you for helping support this important cause.

Sunday, April 27, 2014


Hi! I'm thrilled to let you know you can now listen to the audio versions of several of my books! Available on audio are Caught Up in Us, Pretending He's Mine and Trophy Husband. Soon, Playing With Her Heart will be released in audio form, along with the No Regrets books - The Thrill of It and Every Second With You!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Night After Night Now Available and After This Night Up for Preorder!

NIGHT AFTER NIGHT is now available and it's already an Amazon, iBooks and Barnes & Noble bestseller! You can snap up a copy for $2.99 across the following sites...And you can also pre-order the sequel, AFTER THIS NIGHT, with links below.
Amazon UK
Amazon Canada
Amazon Australia
Apple iBookstore

Barnes and Noble

AFTER THIS NIGHT can be pre-ordered for $2.99 on Amazon and iBooks, and the price will go up to $3.99 after its May 12 release. (B&N users - the book will be priced at $2.99 on BN on release day only!)


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

NIGHT AFTER NIGHT available to pre-order for 99 cents!

Night After Night is almost here and I'm so excited to be able to offer a very special 99 cents price to readers who pre-order this novel! And the book is releasing early - on April 16th! The early reviews had been fantastic and I've been thrilled to hear from so many readers who enjoyed the introduction to the fiery chemistry between Julia and Clay in the free prequel FIRST NIGHT. So, without further ado, you can one-click NIGHT AFTER NIGHT now for 99 cents across the following retailers. The price goes up to $2.99 on release day, April 16th.
Amazon UK
Amazon Canada
Amazon Australia
Apple iBookstore

Barnes & Noble users: The book will launch at 99 cents on B&N for release day ONLY. 


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

NIGHT AFTER NIGHT Apple iBookstore Pre-Order Giveaway!

My erotic romance, NIGHT AFTER NIGHT, is now available for pre-order in the Apple iBookstore before its April 18 release. As a special thank you to iBooks readers - who have sent my No Regrets series to the top of the iBooks charts around the globe - I am offering a very special giveaway! Anyone who pre-orders NIGHT AFTER NIGHT in the Apple iBookstore from now through April 12 4 will be have their name in the acknowledgments section of NIGHT AFTER NIGHT and you will also be entered to win a signed paperback! (April 4 is cut-off for the acknowledgments so I have time to format the book file and upload!) Details on how to submit your pre-order receipt below. *Stay tuned for more giveaways for other retailers as the book nears its release date*